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The Aldert van der Ziel Award is given for distinguished educational and research contributions to the field of electronic devices and materials. Past recipients of this prestigious award include Arthur Milnes, Lester Eastman, Herbert Kroemer (Nobel Laureate Physics 2000), Michael Shur, Marvin White, Jim Plummer, Ben Streetman, Dieter Schroder, Mark S. Lundstrom, Chenming Hu, and Robert Dutton.


The ISDRS 2016 Aldert van der Ziel Awardee is Professor Tsu-Jae King Liu from the University of California, Berkeley.


ISDRS 2016 Student Awards

Best Oral Paper Awards:

1st Prize: Romain Chevallier (Northwestern University), A. Haddadi (Northwestern University), M. Razeghi (Northwestern University) , “Small Pitch Dual-band Long-wavelength Infrared Photodetectors based on InAs/GaSb/AlAsb Type-II Superlattices” 

2nd Prize: Vasileia Georgiou (George Mason University/NIST), D. Veksler (NIST), D. Ioannou (George Mason University), KP Cheung (George Mason University), “A simple method to prove ferroelectric switching for polymer ferroelectric memory”

3rd Prize: Nafisa Noor (University of Connecticut), Sadid Muneer(University of Connecticut), Lhacene Adnane(University of Connecticut), Raihan S. Khan(University of Connecticut), Ryanne Ramadan(University of Connecticut), Faruk Dirisaglik(University of Connecticut), AdamCywar (University of Connecticut), Chung Lam (IBM), Yu Zhu (IBM), Helena Silva(University of Connecticut), and Ali Gokirmak(University of Connecticut), “Pulse-mode Electrical Resistance Trimming of Ge2Sb2Te5 Phase Change Memory (PCM) Line Cells”

Best Poster Paper Award:

1st Prize: Muhammad R. Khan (UMD/Naval Surface Warfare Center), Joshua R. Smith (Xometry), Randy P. Tompkins (ARL), Stephen Kelley (ARL), Kenneth A. Jones (ARL), Agis A. Iliadis (UMD),  J. Leathersich (SUNY), and Fatemeh (Shadi) Shahedipour-Sandvik (SUNY) “Design and Characterization of GaN p-i-n Diodes for Betavoltaic Devices”  


ISDRS 2013 Student Awards

1. Best Student Oral paper award: Mehdi Salmani-Jelodar (Purdue University) for “Scaling Issues and Solutions for Double Gate MOSFETs at the end of ITRS Roadmap” by Mehdi Salmani-Jelodar (Purdue University), SungGeun Kim (Purdue University), Kwok Ng (SRC), and, Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue University).

2. Best Student Poster Paper Award: J. Barthol (Ohio State University) for “Mobility Determination through a Two Mask ‘Gridded’ Capacitor Structure ” by Christopher J. Barthol (Ohio State University), and, Marvin White (Ohio State University).


ISDRS 2011 Student Awards

Best Student Oral Presentation Award, Devices: Balaji Padmanabhan, Dragica Vasileska, and Stephen Goodnick (Arizona State University), “Modeling Reliability of GaN/AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMT”

Best Oral Presentation Award, Materials: Jeremy Ward, Eric Chapman, Timo Thonhauser, and Oana Jurchescu (Wake Forest University), Marsha Loth and John Anthony (University of Kentucky), Joe Kline (NIST), and Mariona Coll (Institut de Cincia de Materials de Barcelona, Spain), “Tuning the Microstructure and Electronic Performance in Organic Thin-Film Transistors Using Chemical Modifications at Interfaces”

Best Poster Award, Devices: SungGeun Kim, Saumitra Mehrotra, and Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue University), Mathieu Luisier (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), and Timothy Boykin, (The University of Alabama in Huntsville), “Effects of Interface Roughness Scattering on RF Performance of Nanowire Transistors”

Best Poster Award, Materials: Wei Zhao, Zeynep Dilli, Scott Bauman, and Martin Peckerar (University of Maryland College Park), Kwangsik Choi (Intel Corporation), and Thomas Salter (Laboratory for Physical Sciences), “Design of Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting System for an Unmanned Airplane”