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International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium Inc.ISDRS 2016 will be held in Washington DC in December 2016


  • Manuscript Submission extended to December 30!
  • Regular Registration Extended to: November 30!
  • Hotel Link Reservations Extended to: November 30!
  • Robert W. Dutton, Robert and Barbara Kleist Professor of Engineering at Stanford University is the Aldert van der Ziel Awardee this year.
  • Panel Discussion: Dr. Lenny Tinker (DOE), Dr. Anu Kaul (NSF), Dr. Dimitris Pavlidis (NSF)
  • Late Abstract Deadline Extended: September 30
  • Please note minor changes in the¬†Technical Program ISDRS-2013¬† also available on the Technical Program Page.
  • The Technical Sessions at a glance are now available on the Technical Program Page.
  • Poster Session Details are now available on the Technical Program Page.
  • Optional Full-length manuscript versions of the accepted and presented papers may be submitted to be considered for publication in Solid State Electronics.
  • The abstracts will be submitted in MS word format by e mail to Please include a cover page with title of paper, author(s) names, affiliations, e mails, underlining the corresponding author, the topic, preference for oral or poster presentation, and the word “student” or “invited” at the top right of page 1 of the abstract.

Symposium Information

The biennial International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium focuses on exploratory research in electronic and photonic materials and devices. Areas such as novel device concepts, processing technologies, advanced modeling, nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, wide band-gap semiconductors, MEMS materials and devices, oxides and dielectrics, organic and polymer opto-electronic materials and devices, ultra high frequency devices & RF effects, flexible and printed electronics, and high power-high temperature devices are included. The Symposium brings together diverse participants in multidisciplinary areas, and provides a forum for extended personal scientific interaction for engineers, scientists, and students working in the field of advanced electronic materials and device technologies.

Abstracts from the conference are published online. Presenters may optionally submit a full-length manuscript to be considered for publication in a special issue of Solid State Electronics

Plenary Speakers

  • Prof. John Rogers (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): “Stretchy Electronics that Can Dissolve in Your Body”
  • Dr. Scott List (Intel Corporation): “New Opportunities for Computing”
  • Dr. David Shaver ( DARPA, Deputy Director, MTO): “Microsystems Technology at DARPA”

Invited Speakers

Dan Frisbie (Univ. Minnesota)
Manos Tentzeris (Georgia Tech)
Brendan O’Connor (North Carolina State Univ.)
Wilfried Haensch (IBM Thomas Watson Labs)
Nader Engheta (U Penn)
Montserrat Nafria (Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain)
Xiuling Li (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Chadwin Young (Univ. of Texas at Dallas)
Isik Kizilyalli (Avogy, USA)
Tomohiro Nishitani (Nagoya University, Japan)
Srabanti Chowdhury (Arizona State University)
Masataka Higashiwaki (National Institute of Communication Technology, Japan)
Eric Pop (Stanford University)
Mike Briere (ACOO Enterprises LLC/International Rectifier)
Alex Zaslavsky  (Brown University)
Emanuel Tutuc (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Aaron Franklin (IBM Thomas Watson Labs)
S. Pamir Alpay (Univ. of Connecticut)
Theodore Moustakas (Boston University)
Yu-Hwa Lo (UCSD)
Jiechao Jiang (UTA)
Silvija Gradecak (MIT)
Erik Lind (Lund University, Sweden)
Stergios Logothetidis (AUTH, Greece)
Dimitris Tsoukalas (NTUA, Greece)
Michael Spencer (Cornell U)
Maria Vasilopoulou (NCSR Demokritos, Greece)
Howard Katz (Johns Hopkins University)
Siddharth Rajan (Ohio State University)
Bruce Hamilton (University of Manchester, UK)
Helen Li (University of Pittsburgh)
Rashmi Jha (Univ. of Toledo)
Masoud Agah (Virginia Tech)
Joanna Millunchick (Univ. of Michigan)
Edo Waks (Univ. of Maryland)
Fil Bartoli (Lehigh Univ.)
Reza Ghodssi (Univ. of Maryland)
Kazuhide Kumakura (NTT Labs, Japan)
H. Lezec (NIST)
Dimitris E. Ioannou (GMU)
Huilong Zhu (Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China)
Ru Huang (Peking Univ. China)
Dean DeLongchamp (NIST)

Subject Areas

Original papers are solicited in the following areas:

  • Wide Bandgap Materials and Devices:
    • UV Emitters
    • Nitride Optoelectronics
    • Nitride HEMTs
    • GaN, ZnO materials and devices
    • Devise Physics and Characterization
    • SiC Materials and Devices
  • High Frequency Devices
  • High Power Electronics
  • Nanoelectronics: Novel devices
  • Nanoelectronics: 2D Materials and Memory
  • Low Power Electronics
  • Organic Materials and Devices
  • Quantum Transport
  • Organic Materials and Devices
  • SiGe and Germanium Devices
  • Modeling (Compact and Distributed) and Simulation
  • SOI Device Technology
  • Nanoelectronics: Nanotubes and Graphene
  • Space and Extreme Environment Electronics
  • Testing and Characterization
  • Sensors and Biosensors
  • Processing Technology
  • Nanowires: Methods and Devices
  • Nanowires: Core/shell heterostructures
  • Oxides and Dielectrics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Optics and Optoelectronics
  • Thermoelectrics (TE)
  • Plasmonics
  • Large area Flexible and Printed Electronics including 0D-, 1D-, 2D- structures